Step #2 - Set Up Payment

At Benchmark Gymnastics payment of fees must be made by direct debit using our payment provider Go Cardless.  We do not accept payment by cash or credit/debit cards.

For more information of fees please read How Payments Work at Benchmark Gymnastics.  This document includes a full list of current class fees and answers the most frequently asked questions regarding payments.

Click on the Pay with Go Cardless button below to set up your direct debit.*

IMPORTANT: Once you have set up your Go Cardless authorisation, you will need to return to this page to complete STEP 3.


*Please note:  If you have a child who attends Benchmark you DO NOT need to set up a new Go Cardless account as we have your details on file.

Step #3 - Complete Online Form

Once you have set up your Go Cardless authorisation you will need to complete an online form as the final step in the enrolment process.

Please click on the button below to complete the form.