June 2017 Competition Information

Thank you for registering your child to participate in the Benchmark June 2017 Competition.

As we have approximately 250 gymnasts participating in this event it is important that you carefully read the information provided below.  Here you will find venue information, what time your child should arrive, as well as other important information.

Where will the competition take place?

The competition will take place on Saturday 17th June 2017 at Dunraven Secondary School, 94/98 Leigham Court Road, London, SW16 2QB. 


When Should You Arrive?

Arrival times for gymnasts have been listed alphabetically in our Competition Information document.  Please refer to this document to find out what time your child is expected to arrive as well as the name of the routine they will be judged on.


Competition Information

Additional information for the day of the competition


Your child should wear what they would normally wear to gymnastics, e.g a leotard, etc.  You do not have to have a club leotard or in fact a leotard at all.  Shorts and t-shirt will be fine. Please note no jewellery is allowed.  

Hair must be tied back neatly.  

Parents will be responsible for looking after the gymnasts shoes and outer wear, coats etc.  Please try to put all the gymnasts belongings in one bag to avoid losing items.

Any water bottles should be clearly labelled and will go with the gymnast to put into a drinks crate.

Arrival Time

If you are unsure of the time your child is expected to arrive for the competition please click here and look for your child’s name.   This document will tell you what time your child should arrive, along with the routine they will be judged on.  Please make sure that you arrive early incase we run ahead of time unless you are the very first group.

On Arrival

When you arrive please follow signs to the main sports hall and sign your child in.

Spectator Admissions Fee

Adults are requested to pay £1.50 spectator’s fee and children who are not competing will be charged 50p.  Please try to have correct change.  Whilst there will be chairs to accommodate spectators we cannot guarantee everyone will get a seat.

Please remember as spectators that you should not be on any mats or equipment but should remain in the spectators seats in the designated spectator area.


There is a very small car park and the school have asked that due to the volume of people on site that day that this be restricted to staff only.  You will therefore need to allow additional time to find parking on the adjacent roads.  Late arrival may mean your child cannot participate.


If you or your child have said you are happy to volunteer now that we have provided their competing times please can you email admin@benchmarkgym.com to confirm what time you/they can volunteer from and to.